The Love Empire Vision

Thank you for checking out the current vision board of Joseph Mueller for 2022.

The vision of the Love Empire while guided by a simple principle of Love, is more of a comprehensive way of “BE”ing. This vision board project, as part of my final session at the Healing Arts Center Massage Therapy course has been a wonderful opportunity to solidify and define the vision that is my life work.

Thank you for taking time to pay attention.

As part of the Love Empire we seek to “BE”:

Our mission revolves around connection through community. Our technological resources like this beta site, helps us to unite as a cooperative community of individuals, companies, and NGOs to pool resources, maximize our efforts, and bring balance to all of life’s connections.

Our Hub offers a searchable database and map for the public to find highly rated practitioners, events, and product offerings that match their specific needs.

Our member’s only side of the site allows you to connect with other members, get VIP invites to special events, and even earn rewards for taking part in the community.

Freedom to travel and experience life is highly valued by our community. Working on the road or remotely is possible for many today. Members can search, post, and attend many different types of events across the country through our website.

Our mission by 2025 is to acquire 5 sites for co-operative working spaces to be used for events and work spaces giving flexibility to members as to where they travel.

Coming back into balance is something we as a species are constantly working on. For practitioners particularly it can be a challenge to make time for self care. Through our network you can find the right connections to trade services, Book a weekend retreat, or move to a different environment all together.
Our core values reflect the truth that you can’t give from an empty cup. We want to assist you in filling up your self, your family, and your bank account so you can better service the world around you.

Body Mind and Spirit, we want to feed them all. From trips to rainforest permaculture farms where you can learn to grow food all year long, to health and wellness retreats where you can authentically express your inner being and learn from those that have wisdom to share, it’s all possible to experience as we give our unique gifts to the world.

Healed Through involvement in a well connected community individuals can find the stability to weather the storms life brings our way. Food security, emotional and physical wellness, and experiences that help your inner creator show up and stop playing it small.

If we have a mantra it’s “Love.”
“Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.”

Love is the path to all healing. Self-love is where it starts. It is a hero’s journey of a magnitude that can seem daunting. You are not alone and while we can’t walk the path for you, we can let you know we are on the path with you.

We believe that each one of us is reclaiming our Royal space within ourselves, some of us for the first time ever. Once you taste sovereignty and find the power of trusting your heart and leading with your truth you won’t want to go back.

The world is looking for leaders and through Love we can’t help but show the way.

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