Getting to know us

While we means us and us means you too.

We encourage you to seek that fills you with joy.

we all have different talents and abilities each one unique and needed.

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# The Game

By The Love Empire

The Game represents a shift from the old ways of fear and capital driven modes of play to a new more pleasurable experience.

In our old model, the motivation to play has been based on old mindset. We used to believe that humans were inherently lazy and destructive. This mindset requires that rules be set up to prevent destruction of the game. What has been demonstrated throughout generations of game play is that of the Pygmalion effect. By placing so much attention of discouraging bad players in the game we created a vacuum to fill. Because we needed enemies to resist they were generated for us from other players.

The Game seeks to flip this on its head. Through thoughtful use of modern game theory we can motivate game play in society that respects the individual and promotes healing and creativity.

A primary focus of The Game is to start at home. All of us have a home. We live in it 24/7. Our bodies are where our consciousness resides.

When your basic needs are not met it is impossible for creativity and play to flourish. Having experienced this first hand I can attest to the science of survival mentality.

Many of us in the first world countries are living in a constant state of survival. We may have houses and cars and pretty things but our home, our bodies and our minds are in survival mode.

knowing what it is like to live this way, in constant low level stress, never feeling comfortable, always running in mind and body, we need help.

The Game promotes that help.

Emerging wellness.

Out of the mess that was the 20th century, with all of its wars, technological advancements, beauty and chaos, we have been given a chance to transcend the old and incorporate it into something new.

Emerging from the ashes of our wars within and without, a drive to live well has been birthed. Rather than the manic need to acquire, experience, and own the world around us, many of us have realized that happiness comes from living well.

The Game starts here with every player. We ask the question are you well? Are you playing the game of life from your center, from a place of wellness and wholeness or do you feel off balance? If you feel off balance let us come together and help you be the best player you can be.

By rewarding players for coming to center and working on their own player we will see improved creativity and desire to give back to the community of players that contribute to the building of “The Game”.

Wellness comes in many forms. The Game starts with those who already operate from a place of wellness. Those who have rituals for self-healing like Breathworkers, massage therapists, artists, and teachers of all kinds.

These are the leaders of the emergent wellness. For this reason The Game seeks to raise these players up and support their work.

As part of the game we have developed levels, points and goals and integrated then into our site as well as community.

For signing up as a user you are automatically leveled up into our community and will be given the first of 7 public member badges.

Something like this will be in your profile just for taking part.

Every badge will have 7 levels that require unlock to progress. These rights of passage will include interaction on multiple levels including taking part in recommendations, validation of other member’s recommendations, and taking part in physical community events as you come up the ranks.

We believe this type of structure gives freedom for individuals to choose their desired place in the community and not be burdened with tasks and roles that don’t fit them.

From time to time badges can multiple ways of acquisition. An option of a service in a community event may be swapped for “spice” which is earned by both leveling up your badges as well as taking part in the online community.

A few of our main goals at this point in the game besides uniting creatives and community is to:

-acquire multiple properties to host events on.

-To build a trust network of land owners and venue spaces for events that each level color code will have user access to based on badge rank.

-Host travel excursions and experiences for network members. Our first being Puerto Rico in October of 2022.

Currently we are building a co-living permaculture plan using a potential property as a catalyst for planning. See the progress here (live doc)

More will come as we build our vision. Thank you for being a part.

Rey Joseph