Coop Property Planning

Seven phases of property development with a community that can be applied to any community work.

The dream:
The inner vision that each one of us holds for a better future is the ongoing dream. (like this)
This vision represents the values, experiences and boundaries the next or “higher lever” version of our character desires. The dream has no roots in this reality while it has all potential to become rooted if attention and intention meet.

The resonance:
As we put our attention upon the inner vision and take time to state our intentions and dream of details we must start to speak out our intentions. As we do so we will draw to ourselves the proper situations to find resonance and fertile soil for out idea “seeds”.

The plan:
Once our ideas are out and resonating in this reality, while still holding loosely to the outcome, action is required. We start to move from ideas and speaking of form to actually creating space for the ideas. Planning and planting are very similar. Both require the creation of space that is fertile and has the resources for the inner creation to sprout into being.
Through communication in forms of writing, speaking, and art we can see the ideas sprout into movement.

The action:
This level of the process is where it starts to get fun. Your support is all around you. Your dreams are fed by the community that came to you from your desires, now action, denser physical action is required. Mountains need to move.
Your network is key now. The call to action is answered by your community and your mission becomes clear.

The recalibration:
Along the path growth will continue. Expectations and challenges may arise. This is what we tend to look at in the first phase that keeps us from taking action. These “problems” arise to keep us growing and healthy, both personally and as a community. Again we are called to let down our expectations of the outcome and draw closer into trust of our higher self and the community it brought us.
The challenges bring new resources, ideas, and possibilities. It’s our choice to keep growing or sit at the level we are at.
Willingness to change and adapt is the call.

The reverberation:
Being, doing, acting, these are verbs. Re-verbing is a call to action again from the reflection of action upon an object or obstacle. Once we have recalibrated from trials and challenges we can take action again in the new direction.

The reaction:
It’s already happening. Once we see this we realize that action happens in its own time. We just have to show up mentally. Action through inaction looks like dreaming a good dream, speaking with right speech, and acting when the opportunity comes to you.
We need not force anything. This is the day your higher self has made. Take joy in this again and again.

Give the ones you love wings to fly, roots to come back, and reasons to stay.” “The more you are motivated by love, the more fearless and free your action will be.” “Love is the absence of judgment.” “We can live without religion and meditation, but we cannot survive without human affection.”

Dalai Llama

Many of our members have resonated with the following words:

permaculture, cool-operative living, sovereignty, food production, children’s education, health and wellness, dance parties, plant medicine, conscious city life